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Welcome to Ethereal Painters Vancouver. Painters and general paint services are by far the most popular home improvement that owners choose when updating their home or business. Undertaking this job, regardless of the overall size and scope of the painting project, is best met by hiring a professional painting contractor. When hiring a painter, you want to ensure that your painting company of is not only qualified and licensed to handle your painting project but is also certified and insured as well. You want the assurance and knowing that you are hiring the best painting company with both the best services and the best prices. That's where Ethereal Painters Vancouver comes in.

We've been honored to be voted "Best of Vancouver 2016" as well as "Best of Vancouver 2015"  from all the local painters in Vancouver. This means you can be confident you are getting reputable services by a Vancouver painting company with excellent standards for your project. Our highly skilled painters are truly some of the most trusted in the industry.

Our mission statement to you is simple - to provide trusted services, superior craftsmanship, and affordable pricing. We are committed to consistently providing the most reliable, professional, and quality painting services in all of Vancouver. With our Award-Winning team of contractors and painters, Vancouver has come to recognize and value Ethereal Painters Vancouver as the trusted painters of choice, time and time again. With our innovative techniques, specialized and general paint products, skilled painting technicians, plus our very affordable prices, we feel confident that all our clients, old and new, will be completely satisfied.


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Our Services

Exterior :: Residential

Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal… You hear this topic frequently in the savvy and competitive world of home design and real estate, especially if you are in the market to sell or buy a home. For everyone, it is the first impression, and you never have a second chance at a first impression. That’s why professional home flippers have exterior painting and interior painting indelibly on their must-do list. It’s simply imperative; a non negotiable. They know they’ll get every penny back on this investment, add value and, if done correctly, quicken the sale and create multiple purchase offers.  Whether you are consciously aware or not, the first thing you notice about the structure of a building is it’s paintwork; not the size, not the design but the colors and patterns that define the structure and it’s details. Most architectural features would not be noticed if it weren’t for the paintwork. It can also achieve the opposite effect by hiding the less attractive design aspects without going into highly expensive structural changes. This is especially so regarding the exterior of your home, from the framing of your windows, creating an inviting and welcoming front door & entrance, stairs, railings… you get the idea. All these areas add to the character and impression of your home’s curb appeal and initial impression of any commercial, business or retail building. The painting quality actually paints a picture of you as an individual, family or business. It is therefore highly important as a home owner or commercial property owner  to ensure that the paintwork, both exterior and interior, are done well and maintained regularly.

Commercial Property

Standing Out From the Crowd… Whether your business painting project is simple or complex, rest assured our team of expert Vancouver painters will help you create a local presence that others will take notice of. Ethereal provides superior service and products, while providing the peace of mind you need knowing that your business project is in the trusted hands of some of the best local Vancouver contractors in the industry. With our company code of conduct and ethics, our entire lineup of Vancouver painters and Vancouver contractors are not only highly trusted but also highly respected in the Lower Mainland. Providing quality and reliable services is the foundation of our success story and is a credit to the many satisfied customers we value. Continuing to advance our expertise and techniques, we at Ethereal pride ourselves on the quality of our services and remain focused on all the newest trends.

Colors and finishes can vary from year to year but our Vancouver painters are on top of the market trends and are qualified to advise our customers on appropriate paint colors and blends for their business and commercial property. Business and commercial property owners are every bit as discerning. They are acutely aware of the impact, desired impression and overall presence of their pr0perty. A fresh new look, a beautiful colour scheme can make you the crowning jewel of your neighborhood or area; inviting and memorable while reflecting the tone you wish to convey. As trusted Vancouver contractors, we are committed to putting the concerns and interests of our customers first.

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Interior :: Residential

Beauty Begins On The Inside…  And your home’s interior is no exception. Regardless of what type of interior painting you need for your home, choosing the most reputable and reliable Vancouver painting company is central to your success and satisfaction. Whether you want to freshen up your interior, create a completely new look or add an awesome accent wall, colour is the most affordable and influential factor in creating a comfortable atmosphere that reflects your personal style. Our team of experienced painters are here to consult with you about your project, help you with your decision-making, and walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Our goal is to provide you with all professional support, knowledge, and assistance we possibly can.finding the best company to perform all your Vancouver painting needs takes a good deal of research and evaluation. We are confident in our services and we encourage our clients to seek out the best Vancouver painting company. At Ethereal, we truly offer superior Vancouver painting services and some of the highest trained and skilled painters in all the lower mainland. Whoever you choose, we want you to be happy. It’s that simple.


Our Mission

To provide trusted services, superior craftsmanship,
and affordable prices to our clients and families.
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